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Best Storage Auction List and Schedule in Texas


Q & A

 We are not a legal publication all dates time and info are for reference only.


Is this website part of auctionstx.com?

No:  We are in no way associated with auctionstx.com, or its owner. I was a long time member of auctionstx.com  and started this web site after paying for months without any content and excuses that did not make any sense. Not to mention the refunds I was promised and never received.


Will this list have auctions that are close to me?

We provide list that comes out weekly for DFW – San Antonio / Austin – Houston – Brownsville / McAllen and surrounding suburbs.


Can I view this list on my smart phone?
Yes you can also print the list at any time. Although we suggest you check back throughout the week to check for changes and updates.


Will there be lots of auctions in my city?
It is hard to say some weeks there may only be a few, other weeks there may be multiple auctions everyday. Some facilities only have auctions a couple of times a year or less.


What is a “storage auction list”?
It is a list of auctions being held to satisfy a landlord lien.


Can anyone attend landlord lien auctions?
If you are 18 and older yes. Some storage facilities / auctioneers do not allow children to attend the auction. If you have a concern about this it would be wise to contact the storage facility.


What all do I need at the auction?
More than likely you will need the following, a driver’s license or form of id, cash, ” Although some will accept credit card and debit card but most do not.” If you do not want to pay tax than you will need copy of your tax id, locks, and a flashlight.


Will you have all the auctions in my area?
There may be some auctions that we miss, although we spend many hours a week researching and making phone calls, sometimes they slip through.


Who all subscribes to your list?
We have people subscribing that are beginners, seasoned pros that are looking for stock for their business, resale shops, thrift stores, eBay Sellers, Amazon Sellers, antique dealers, and the list goes on. Anyone that is looking for merchandise for reselling. We also have people that like to play treasure hunter, after all you never know what you might find!


How many units will each facility have?
There is no way to accurately say, always call the facility prior to attending “the day before” to check for last minute cancellations, a unit count, and that the date and time are correct. People have up to the time of the auction to pay for their delinquent unit “at most facilities” and a lot will hold off to the last minute to pay. They might start out with 20 units or so and end up with 2 or 3, and the next time have 20 units and end up with 18.


When is the list updated for the week?

Usually late Sunday night.


I am the owner, or manager of a storage facility, can I submit my upcoming auctions to be published on your website?

Yes click on the “contact us” tab to submit your information. we need the following name of facility, phone, address of facility, city, zip, date and time of auctions


Is there a phone number I can call if I need help or have questions? 

No not at this time, but you can email us anytime @ texasauctionlist@gmail.com we will get back to you asap.


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