Texas Auction List

Best Storage Auction List and Schedule in Texas

Texas Auction List

*** Auction list for 12-10-2018 – 12-16-2018 are up ***

We provide a simple, easy to read storage unit auction list that comes out weekly for Dallas / Fort Worth – San Antonio / Austin – Houston – Brownsville / McAllen and surrounding suburbs. We save you time by doing the research!

Texasauctionlist provides the following information date,

time, phone number, and the name / address of facility having the auction.

Why Texas Auction List?

 We focus only on Texas storage auctions, and at just $3.00 a week it’s very affordable

“$11.99 monthly” cancel at any time. Now save $$$ by getting a yearly subscription!

For those of you who want one month please allow 3 days before

canceling  your order, or it will not be processed properly.

 Check out our Sample Storage Unit Auction List

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